Cranbury-based biometrics firm Iris ID has announced Qatar National Bank (QNB) has begun using its iris-reading identity recognition solution to authenticate customers using the bank's ATMs. To use the Iris ID solution the bank's customers participate in a one-time registration at a QNB branch office. The two-minute process involves taking a digital photo of the iris, which is converted into a small template stored in a secure database. At the ATM, customers will need only a second to look into a built-in reader and have their iris pattern confirmed.Charles Koo, president and chief executive officer of Iris ID, said iris recognition adds another layer of security that cannot be copied, stolen or otherwise obtained, unlike ATM cards and personal identification numbers (PINs).”Each person's iris patterns are unique and unchanging, making iris recognition the most accurate – and rapid – means of biometric identity authentication,” he said. “This non-contact and sanitary solution is ideal to enhance security throughout the financial industry.”Iris ID noted in its statement that its iris recognition solution, Iris Access, is also used by governments and major corporations around the world for access control, security, national ID and border crossing programmes.