Portugal will be revealing a new ePassport with enhanced security features in 2017, officials have confirmed.The country's Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) chief, Constança Urbano de Sousa, noted the plans at a ceremony to mark the service's 40 years of existence."At the start of next year we shall have a new passport with new security features, but it will not imply any additional cost," the minister told journalists, reported the Portugal News Online.While the current model of passport is "very secure it was introduced a decade ago and since then there has been what she described as "monumental change" in technology in the field, said de Sousa.During the ceremony the SEF's national director, Luísa Maia Gonçalves, also announced that starting from July, citizens of nine more nationalities will be able to use the RAPID automatic identification system at the country's frontiers: the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Venezuela, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and New Zealand.