PopID, a Cali Group company, and Wasserstrom, an integrated distributor/manufacturer of foodservice equipment and supplies, have announced the nationwide launch of a biometric solution to help employers provide a healthful, safe and contactless work environment for their employees and customers, according to a press release. The platform, called PopEntry+, combines facial recognition and temperature screening to add a layer of security for companies and organizations planning a return to work. The cloud-based technology allows workers and consumers to scan their faces and add some personal information via a secure web portal on their mobile devices. Upon arrival at their place of work, they are recognized and have their temperature taken within seconds by a device installed at the entry. The device can be connected to the door lock to automatically unlock the door or installed on a wall inside of the building. The establishment will also earn a designation as “POP-Certified” or “Protecting Our People-certified” as a work environment that is doing everything it can to ensure the health, safety and overall well-being of everyone who interacts with the business in the physical world.The new federal guidelines for returning to work recommend that employers “monitor their workforce for indicative symptoms.” PopEntry+ does this digitally and securely. The platform can be expanded to serve as an automated way to identify people that have either been recently tested for the virus or demonstrated immunity to the virus through antibody testing.