Gemalto has been chosen by Paris AÉroport to supply, install and maintain its Coesys Automated Border Control gates, as part of the French PARAFE programme (Automated Fast Track Crossing at External Borders). The solution is based on fingerprint recognition and aims to increase capacity and improve the traveller experience. Gemalto and its partner Automatic Systems were selected by Paris AÉroport to provide 87 eGates in Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly airports. By spring 2017, with only their passport and fingerprint, passengers will be able to start passing through new, faster eGates on departure and at arrival in Paris main airports. With 95.2 million passengers passing through them each year, ensuring the best possible security while simultaneously improving passenger fluidity is the goal. According to Gemalto, the process is both fast, user-friendly and highly secure: at the eGate, passengers present their ePassport, then their finger. The fingerprint is matched against the biometric data stored in the document. While the identity of the traveller is verified at the eGate, Border Protection Officers can keep monitoring the information in real-time in order to allow border crossing."From a passenger point of view, our solution gives the experience of an uninterrupted passage through the gates as it only takes a few seconds," says FrÉdÉric Trojani, executive vice president of Government Programs at Gemalto. "It allows optimum use of biometric technologies and also improves border control security as it allows for increased detection of fraud cases."The solution has been designed to evolve over time from fingerprint recognition to facial recognition as well.Prime contractor Gemalto has teamed up with two BollorÉ Group subsidiaries, Automatic Systems and IER, to deploy the project.