Island nation Papua New Guinea is mulling a biometric database to use in upcoming elections.PNG Electoral commissioner, Patilias Gamato wants the biometric databases introduced for the 11th National Elections in 2022.Gamato said the Electoral Commission was exploring the possibility of introducing fingerprints for voter identification.He said voter identification has been a recurring issue in previous national elections, but that biometrics presented a possible solution to the problem."Voter identification has been a problem in past election including 2017. We want to propose now that in the future, if someone wants to vote, they must produce a form of identification".He added that in the country's law, there is provision for fingerprints to be used as one of the methods of voter identification."I would like to look at ways to bring in technology to see if we can do biometrics. I had some objections when I proposed that. It has worked in some countries but not for others."