Digital wallet firm Nxt-ID, which makes the Wocket, has gained a new patent for a payments authentication system the company calls “behavior-metrics”.Nxt-ID says that behavior-metrics may include, facial expressions, gesture movements, patterns drawn, or even PINs – virtually any motion, sound, or other behavior that can be detected by sensors and combine physiological features unique to a person, such as biometrics, with some unique action, such as behavior, that can be chosen by a user.”Like directing payment by simply asking for a word that is associated with an account, users may simply perform a gesture or draw a pattern without having to view a display, enabling a method to pay for those with disabilities such as impaired vision,” said David Tunnell, CTO of NXT-ID.In February, the firm filed a patent for a voice directed payment solution that the firm says will offer a convenient and secure biometric option for making purchases.Under NXT-ID's new system, payment accounts stored on a mobile wallet or device can be selected via voice recognition and the payment account only be accessed if both the speech (the word associated with the payment account) and the speaker (a biometric) are both recognised.