Biometric wallet firm NXT-ID is set to partner with mobile and web-based credit card optimisation solution Wallaby Financial.Under the terms of the agreement, NXT-ID's Wocket Smart Wallet will become the preferred wallet solution to Wallaby Card Beta List members.More than 30,000 Wallaby Financial customers currently on the Wallaby Card waiting list will receive special invitation e-mails to buy a Wocket Smart Wallet, which is secured by voice biometrics.The smart wallet, from Oxford, Conn.-based NXT-ID, works without a mobile phone or cloud, and can carry up to 10,000 cards.Matthew Goldman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Wallaby Financial, said, “Our customers love the convenience that Wallaby offers them, but the missing piece has been having all their cards available when they need them. We are excited about this partnership with Wocket because it allows our members to carry all of their membership, payment, rewards, gift cards, and more with just a single card. We're thrilled to give our members an advanced opportunity to enjoy the benefits of Wocket alongside our own solutions.”Gino Pereira, Chief Executive Officer of NXT-ID, said, “Wallaby has an amazing technology and a proven product that helps its members with everyday card selection. Wocket is a great match for Wallaby users because now they can pair the benefit of maximizing rewards with the convenience of having all their cards with them.”