Bitcoin tech firm Case has launched a digital bitcoin wallet that relies on fingerprint scans to authorise transactions.Launched at TechCrunch Disrupt and set to ship this summer, Case stores unique keys in an encrypted online database. Transactions are authorised by the server if biometric scan is verified.Case Bitcoin Wallet from Case on Vimeo.”Case is a multi-signature, multi-factor wallet that requires 2-of-3 keys for a transaction to take place. ߪ Each key is generated and stored in a different location and protected by a different authentication factor so there's no single point of failure,” wrote Case on its website.CEO Melanie Shapiro told CoinDesk that as online blockchain technologies evolve as a means for buying and selling bitcoin, they will require devices like Case to ensure security and maintain privacy.Case is already available for pre-order for $199 or roughly 0.83 BTC through payment processor PayStand.