NuData Security today announced improvements to an online fraud detection engine it has developed which is based on continuous behavioral analysis and compiled behavioral biometric data.NuDetect now has an expanded array of behavioral biometric sensors which is being reported at 97 percent accuracy in verifying a user's identity, according to the firm. This app's enhancements have enabled detection as early as 15 days before a fraud attempt is made, it added.The NuDetect solution uses behavioral biometrics to improve on traditional device identity and deliver far more intelligence than traditionally available.”NuDetect's enhanced features put powerful anti-fraud tools, based on continuous behavioral analysis, into customers' hands. This enables them to significantly reduce the likelihood of fraud while also preventing false positives,” said Michel Giasson, CEO, NuData Security.Christopher Bailey, CTO, NuData Security, said: “By looking at the humanness and behavior of a user at the login, we have been predicting fraudulent purchase attempts before they occur. Our latest enhancements to NuDetect provide clients with a more comprehensive view in how fraud attacks work and the full fraud lifecycle, rather than focusing solely at the fraudulent purchase of goods – a single point in a grander scheme”.