Phonexia, one of the world's market-leading players in speech analytics and voice biometric solutions, acquired an important team member this spring.The number of Phonexia experts will be newly increased by Niko Brummer, who until recently worked at Nuance. As a Senior Researcher, he will invest all his time, talent, and knowledge in consolidating Phonexia's leadership in speech technologies, advancing voice biometrics, and representing Phonexia at international technological competitions.Nearly 25 Years of Experience in the Field Niko Brummer received a doctorate in electronic engineering at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. Since the early 1990s, he has worked as a researcher in a number of technology companies. From 1997, he has specialized in voice biometrics specifically.”Voice biometrics amazed me because it can work better than humans in many situations. And it still amazes me, as it continues to improve in accuracy despite the decades of research,” explains Niko Brummer why he decided to dedicate his scientific career to voice biometrics.He wants to help Phonexia improve its speech technologies further. “I believe the biggest voice biometrics challenge lurking ahead is to make it more accurate, especially in challenging conditions.Also, voice biometrics will become more widely available until most machines equipped with speech technology will include speaker recognition by default. I hope I can make a big contribution to help Phonexia meet these challenges,” says Niko.When asked why he decided to join and expand the Phonexia team, Niko answers: “Because of good voice recognition technology and a friendly culture.” Along with him, his former collaborator Albert Swart also joins Phonexia.In his position of Senior Researcher, he will be in charge of improving Phonexia technologies further to enable novel use cases and new applications. Albert studied applied mathematics at the University of Cape Town and then worked as a researcher at Agnitio. He comes to Phonexia from the South African company Praelexis, where he worked as a Data Scientist.