A total of 51 police and sheriff's departments in New York state will receive $710,000 in state money for more accurate and efficient fingerprint devices, according to a press statement.The new equipment will replace existing devices that either malfunction or are obsolete.”Fingerprinting is a proven and highly effective crime-fighting method – which drives us to help law enforcement agencies record and share fingerprints as efficiently as possible,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said.”These grants will help departments across the state, regardless of size, maintain a vital form of equipment, and I am proud that the state is able to help our local partners in this way.”The maximum grant awarded for each device was $10,000. Any municipal police department or county sheriff's office in the state can apply for this funding and could apply for more than one device if the agency hosts a regional server that allows others to electronically submit fingerprints to the state and the FBI.New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services Executive Deputy Commissioner Michael C. Green said on the development, “Electronic fingerprinting is a phenomenal resource for law enforcement agencies, but the equipment eventually needs to be replaced and that can sometimes place a burden on local police budgets. These grants will help offset the cost of upgrading older equipment and ensure these systems function properly.”