AnyVision, a world-leading Recognition AI company today announced its strategic partnership with Nedap Security. AnyVision’s touchless access control functionality is now integrated with Nedap’s AEOS Access Control solution — an access control platform designed to protect facilities, make people feel safe and safeguard valuable assets.

With AEOS, Nedap controls access to any physical location that needs to stay secure – from businesses to government offices, hospitals, airports, schools, industrial sites and public venues. AEOS offers a web-based application that’s tailored to an organization’s specific security needs. With AEOS, organizations can control who has access where, when and under what conditions, only allowing access once someone has been identified and verified.

AnyVision’s touchless access control technology provides a biometric-based option to Nedap’s AEOS platform. AnyVision’s technology offers a number of benefits to Nedap’s customers, including:

  • Superior Security: Biometric-based access control systems offer a superior security level than different access control systems such as passwords, fobs or cards because biometric readers identify individuals with a high level of assurance. AnyVision’s liveness detection technology also ensures that every detected face is a real person by identifying spatial inconsistency and using an array of sensors that create a 3D face map to flag spoofing attempts.
  • Biometrics Cannot be Lost or Stolen: Cards and fobs can be lost or stolen whereas biometric-based solutions rely on the physical, unique characteristics of each user.
  • Granular Permissioning: Create enforceable, digital barriers without erecting permanent structures and get instant alerts when unauthorized people are identified as well as recording their date and time of access. This audit trail is helpful in the event of an actual security event or breach.
  • Touchless User Experience: With biometrics, the person becomes the credential as the physical access control system relies upon facial recognition technology to determine whether a person should be permitted to enter a facility without having to touch a device or pad.

“Relying on cards, passwords, keys, or similar devices can be problematic as they can be copied easily, hacked, or stolen and it may take a long time before someone notices that something is wrong,” said Ido Amidi, Vice President of Business Development at AnyVision. “Giving customers a face-based biometric option can dramatically improve a facility’s security while simultaneously streamlining the visitor management experience.”

“AnyVision is a true biometrics and facial recognition specialist which aligns well with Nedap’s best of breed integration strategy.” said Wesley Keegstra, Nedap’s Technical Integration Specialist. “Together, we are enhancing the security of access control with state-of-the-art biometrics that improve operational efficiency, the user experience, and data privacy. We look forward to bringing this innovation and business benefits to our AEOS users.”

AnyVision has been integrated into Nedap AEOS and allows customers to connect directly to their access control systems, importing and syncing relevant personnel information and unlocking the door directly by simply looking at a camera or screen. This partnership empowers organizations to harness the power of biometrics and ethical facial recognition to enhance physical security and the overall access control experience.