Senior staff from Japanese tech security firm NEC have predicted that facial recognition will increasingly play a role in hotel security.Kees Van Donk, director of hospitality EMEA at NEC, told Trade Arabia this week that the trend is particularly pronounced in his region.”In the Middle East and Africa, the use of facial recognition technology has seen significant growth over the last two years particularly in Government sectors. We foresee this rise will continue with neighbouring industries in the region's private sector including hospitality, airports, theme parks and other travel-related businesses. This will be used for white-listing, welcoming the VIP-guests, as well as black-listing, and keeping the 'bad guys' out.”Facial recognition on CCTV could be used within hotels to recognise the faces of guests, check registered guest information, identify guests and alert hotel staff of VIP or undesirable visitors.”Hoteliers are now beginning to understand that although a safe environment for guests should be a basic and given element and condition, situations can arise which cannot be determined or pre-planned. The available face recognition technology has now reached a level of maturity and accuracy that it can be used for 'real life' situations of varying levels of security threat.””Terrorism, theft, violence and other security threats cannot be ignored and can now be monitored more closely and accurately. VIPs as well as undesirable guests including wanted criminals can be detected as soon as they arrive on a hotel property,” Van Donk said.