Multi-modal biometric security firm NEC has confirmed that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department has selected its multimodal Integra ID 5 biometric solution to enhance its identification systems.Integra ID 5 supports numerous biometrics modalities including fingerprint, palmprint, face, iris, voice and DNA.”NEC responded to our tender for a service-based biometrics system and following a rigorous selection process we are pleased to be working with NEC for our next generation identification needs,” said Lt. Josh Thai of Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.”NEC's experience in offering such solutions, their leading fingerprint and facial recognition technology and their ability to meet our business continuity and disaster recovery requirements, all under a flat monthly fee, were among key advantages of the NEC offering.”Planet Biometrics reported in December that LA County planned to spend $24.4 million on a NEC biometric law enforcement tool. The contract will last for six years with an option to renew for another four.The system will be fully interoperable with the FBI's own multimodal Next Generation Identification (NGI) System, which was launched last October and is currently being rolled out across the country.An investigative report by NBC Los Angeles in November, citing county sheriff's department documents, wrote that the system will be the largest law enforcement repository outside of the NGI.”We are confident that our Integra ID 5 with NeoFace technology, an integral part of NEC's 'Safer Cities' platform, will enable LASD to solve even more crimes and serve the public safety and security needs of citizens of Los Angeles County for years to come,” said Raffie Beroukhim, Vice President of the NEC Biometrics Solutions Division.