We are delighted to share not one, but two BIG announcements with our identity community ahead of Identity Week Europe 2023.!

The conference is expanding as demand grows, moving to a bigger, more comprehensive venue where new and familiar stakeholders will be inspired to come together and develop crucial partnerships to elevate the identity industry.

The conference is set to make a bigger return in Amsterdam on 13 and 14 June with industry heavy-weight, Mühlbauer, returning as our Title Sponsor!

The show will preserve the likeness of strong connections made at Identity Week Europe in London, while upscale in every way to facilitate more keynote and news-worthy announcements, plus house a greater exhibition with solutions from across the spectrum. We will be able to accommodate 5,000 attendees at the centre meeting point of Europe.

We look forward to more in-depth insights from our speakers, collaborative round-tables, and one-to-one, enquiring interviews like the one above, between Matthias Köhler, Vice President at Mühlbauer and our editor, Evie Kim Sing, to dig deep into emerging trends across identity.

It is wonderful to have the support of Mühlbauer behind Identity Week Europe 2023, as we continually strive to enable the industry to meet, and be a vehicle for making irrepressible connections and driving solution-to-adoption trends.

During this interview, Mühlbauer’s Vice President, Matthias Köhler, expresses his optimism that the identity ecosystem can fully embrace digital transformation to optimise physical security documents to deploying digital ID. His presentation prior focused on the delivery of digital travel credentials – meaning the digitalisation of identity in travel services.

“We believe very strongly that the move from physical documents to digitalised documents is the future!”, he said, explaining further that within 3 to 4 years, people will most likely become the token or credential of security although on an international level we can still expect that physical identity will co-exist for some time. On the road to digitalisation, Matthias Köhler makes a more subtle point of stressing the importance of constantly evaluating trends and transformation which may not eliminate physical trust documents totally.