A state-issued mobile digital ID card in Bangkok will be available from 10 January. The e-ID card called D.Dopa will allow mobile users to verify their identity when accessing public services.

The Internal Affairs Ministry will be the only government department currently to make use of the ID card before further deployment will be considered to other government agencies and private bodies like commercial banks.

In 2021, Bangkok Bank launched a mobile ID verification service via the “atta” app which is compatible with devices of large mobile providers (AIS, DTAC and TRUE) to open a new account or apply for mobile banking without physically having to visit a branch. This facilitates transactions to a chosen payee using digital ID.

To continue making online banking a more convenient option of banking that can be done easily anytime, anywhere, it is likely that the digital ID card will be offered to customers of Bangkok Bank and others in the not distant future. 

It follows plans to digitalise identity documents for banking that the Digital Public Service Act proposes.

Online registration to access the relevant services requires a physical ID card too with the district office’s registry division.

Thailand also boasts a unique National Digital Identity Platform (NDID) that provides a secure method of identity verification with an ID that the user holds. Banks such as the TRD with the Bank of Thailand and National Digital ID Company develop a digital ID verification system based on NDID.