MorphoTrust has announced that it has won a major $3.5 million contract with the Department of Defense to provide identity verification solutions.The company said the solution, which leverages MorphoTrust's biometrics expertise, will help the DoD achieve its mission of defending the United States by verifying the identities of individuals in situations critical to national security.In this third year renewal option, DoD will extend its contract for MorphoTrust ABIS (automated biometric identification system). ABIS offers a software platform that allows organizations to search, process, compare and manage identity data of enrolled individuals. With ABIS, DoD can enroll biometric images including face, finger, palm and iris for use in near-instantaneous one-to-one and one-to-many identity checks. ABIS facilitates the DoD's identity record-keeping, identity management, ID verification and deduplication mission goals. This contract is worth $3.5 million.”Federal agencies need to be able to reliably verify the identities of individuals whenever national security is involved, and wherever identity is critical to their mission,” said Bob Eckel, CEO of MorphoTrust. “Over the years, MorphoTrust has proudly served the identity needs of DoD and many other agencies, and our team looks forward to bringing our expertise and support in the years ahead.”Note:MorphoTrust will be exhibiting at and sponsoring connect:ID 2016, 14-16 March, Washington DC. connect:ID is an international conference and exhibition that focuses on all aspects of identity technologies and the opportunities for their management in both the physical and digital worlds.