The wave of migrants arriving on Greek islands are often not being fingerprinted as per European legislation because authorities lack the proper biometric equipment.Migrants arriving in Lesvos, Kos and other islands are instead being issued with documents and instructed to visit the Aliens Bureau in Athens on their arrival, reported Kathimerini.At this stage, a third of these fail to visit the bureau, however, Greek Police (ELAS) sources told Kathimerini, and the majority continue their journeys further into Europe without their data ever being registered.Earlier this year, the European Union's plans to use biometrics to identify a flood of migrants arriving in the continent were questioned for its use of the term “proportionate coercion”.Draft docs published by Statewatch stated there will be “structured border zones and facilities in the frontline Member States, with the active support of Member States' experts and of EASO, Frontex and Europol to ensure the swift identification, registration and fingerprinting of migrants ('hotspots')”.Frontex is the European border management agency, while EASO implements the Common European Asylum System. The number of migrants that have entered Europe this year has exceeded 100,000.The prospect of “hotspots” where migrants are identified draws attention to prior leaks of EU documents by the watchdog organisation which focused on how the fingerprint data will be obtained.