In June 2020, the Montenegrin Ministry of the Interior could record another success in the introduction of advanced ID documents: the opening of the Personalization Center in the capital Podgorica.The Prime Minister of Montenegro, Duško Marković, attended the grand opening ceremony and conducted a thorough inspection of the new facility. He praised the successful cooperation between Mühlbauer ID Services GmbH and S&T, a local company involved in many Montenegrin government projects. During his visit, the Prime Minister also received his new ID Card.The Project Scope:In August 2019, Mühlbauer ID Services GmbH, as leader of an international consortium, was awarded to supply a turnkey solution for the next generation of Montenegrin passports and ID cards, as well as driver's licenses. In addition to the delivery of blank documents, the project scope also includes the supply of sophisticated biometric enrollment systems, as well as systems for data management and high-tech document personalization. Furthermore, the project comprises a central system for the issuance of documents and the set-up of a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).The first documents, the next generation of Montenegrin ePassports, were issued in January 2020. The issuance of the new Montenegrin ID cards in June 2020 marks another milestone in the course of the project. Until the end of the contract term in February 2023, Mühlbauer ID Services GmbH will trustfully handle the personalization of all ePassports, ID cards, and driver's licenses.