FaceTec, creators of ZoOm,a face authentication software, and Neuvote, pioneers of the Hybrid Mobile Voting System, have together built a solution that promises to restore fundamental trust in our venerable democracies at a time when it is badly needed.Free and fair elections are vital to healthy, modern societies and define the world's democracies. Our collective faith in the value of each vote is rooted in the security and resilience of the voting infrastructure that makes honest elections possible.”We're very excited to be working with Nuevote to solve an incredibly important challenge that is at the very core of the world's democracies,” said Kevin Alan Tussy, CEO of FaceTec. “Neuvote is increasing voter participation via mobile voting, and bridges the paper-ballot past to the e-voting future. We are honored that our ZoOm authentication technology has been chosen to ensure that eligible voters are physically interacting with their devices during the democratic process, preventing election fraud while vigorously protecting voter privacy.”Traditional voting methods and their logistics challenges can deter voters from participating, however using FaceTec's cutting-edge AI, each voter's identity verification can be done via mobile device and used to supplant traditional methods. Neuvote's Hybrid Mobile Voting System is a very effective combination of trustworthy digital and analog security. Their patent-pending, digital-to-paper mobile voting technology remotely connects voters to paper ballots, enhancing voter access while maintaining traditional voting security features like human visual verification and ballot confirmation.”We've critically assessed legacy voting processes and have identified where there could be security and identity verification problems. The integration of FaceTec's ZoOm, shown to be the most secure biometric authentication method available, provides a solid foundation of trust for the rest of our solution,” added Matthew Heuman, CEO of Neuvote. “In addition to removing hard data targets from the process, keeping the data moving, and distributing the data directly to the polling locations, we've made sure unequivocal voter identification and eligibility are established from the start to ensure the remainder of the process can be fully trusted. And ZoOm has proven to be exceptionally easy to use, a paramount concern in such a broadly deployed application like voting.”The Neuvote Hybrid solution was created to overcome all five barriers to mobile voting: data security, authentication, confirmation, privacy / secrecy, and verifiability. Neuvote is working with global experts in e-democracy and has scheduled their first deployment in Ontario, Canada in 2020, with plans to launch their comprehensive voting solution into the U.S market by 2022.