Matica Technologies has announced the availability of its XID9x00e Series. This new series is a modular, heavy-duty retransfer card issuance solution based on the XID retransfer printer (300dpi and 600dpi). It combines a newly developed card feeder and encoder module, and is designed for low to mid-volume ID card printing and de-centralised card production.According to Matica, the XID9x00e Series facilitates in-house, rigorous card issuance for government agencies, police and military, universities, aviation, port authorities and retail. Its card feeder module accommodates up to 350 cards while various encoders can be added in any combination. Additional feeder and encoder modules can be attached, so the number of accessible online cards can rise to 1,400."It's gratifying when investment and rigor in research and engineering produce a ground-breaking solution like the XID9x00e Series," says Sandro Camilleri, CEO, Matica Technologies. "This range will satisfy the demands of a very broad range of customers who want to progress into industrial-class ID card printing from localised desktops without investing in a full central issuance solution.""Customers want investments to last, to produce fast, high-performing results and adapt as and when business needs change – and that's what we've produced," says Eric Bouvard, vice president of Product Marketing, Matica Technologies. "We listen to our customers, partners and associates and respond carefully to stay competitive, agile and disruptive."