BorderPass Travel, a four-year-old Malaysian startup, has successfully launched a solution that enables registered travelers to go through an automated biometric gate without the hassle of queuing for immigration.The gate, installed at the budget airline terminal of Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2, has been in operation since September and usage is free until March, said Faisal Ariff, founder and director of BorderPass, in an interview.The web-based immigration system uses technologies that include 3-D facial image recognition and other biometrics such as fingerprints and passport scans. It has as a contact-less fingerprint scan that can read hand simply by waving it across the sensor.BorderPass is an opt-in service that expedites travelers through airports by replacing immigration forms with online profiles sent ahead to the destination country, explained Faisal, a law graduate from University of Cambridge in U.K.”It is a single enrollment, multiairport, multicountry and multiairline service,” added Faisal.The idea of online passport using cloud computing was conceived in 2014 for the Global Impact Competition held by Silicon Valley-based business incubator Singularity University, where Faisal emerged the winner.