Silicon Valley -based smartphone manufacturer Macate has announced a new ultra-secure smartphone featuring multi-modal biometric security.The GATCA Elite Cyberphone with Codetel Security Solution, which the firm says is designed for high-profile individuals, corporations and government entities, offers facial recognition and fingerprint security.For face recognition, it uses the TrueFace software with liveness detection capabilities to guarantee the phone and files are safe from intruders attempting access with a 2D image.”Mobile security is more important than ever before. Each day, there are risks of impending cyber attacks and businesses have grown increasingly aware of the threats BYOD policies pose for securing mission-critical company data,” said Isaac Daniel, CEO of Macate.”Our new GATCA Elite cyberphone is a step in the right direction, providing multiple layers of biometric and encryption security. The software protects both personal and professional privacy for our users in a sleek, polished device. Users will no longer have to compromise productivity, performance, or aesthetics when choosing a highly secure yet luxury mobile experience.”