Laxton Group will formally launch the Chameleon 8 Slap+ at Trustech 2019 in Cannes, France from 26-28 November.The Chameleon 8 Slap+ is an addition to the Chameleon Biometrics family of products, in the form factor of an integrated, multi-modal biometric tablet. “The Chameleon 8 Slap+ incorporates the Jenetric Livetouch Quattro Compact. The most compact and the lowest weight FAP60 scanner on the market. It is FBI Appendix F certified for both ID Flats and tenprint fingerprint acquisitions. The Chameleon 8 Slap+ is true to the fundamentals of the Chameleon brand, being highly configurable and without question the most adaptable integrated device in the world. As with the other devices in the Chameleon 8 range, the Slap+ will also be released with three, off the shelf configurations. A necessary and exciting addition to the Chameleon 8 range was the inclusion of a FAP60 option” says Nick Perkins, President of EMEA for Laxton. At Trustech, Laxton will showcase the complete range of Chameleon multi-modal biometric devices, including those aligned to the European EES (European Entry Exit System), specifically the Chameleon 8 Slap and Slap+ options, which are designed for mobile border control and mobile verification leveraging the fingerprint readers, high spec cameras and reading Passport/ID Cards with the integrated MRZ and NFC readers.