Details have emerged of a class action complaint against Facebook for alleged violations of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act.The case, raised by plaintiff Frederick William Gullen, is outlined in a complaint filed on 31 August.In the document, Gullen said he seeks “this action for damages and other legal and equitable remedies resulting from the illegal actions of Facebook in collecting, storing and using Plaintiff's and other similarly situated individuals' biometric identifiers ߪ without informed written consent in violation of the BIPA”.Gullen claims that Facebook's tag feature is in violation of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA). Similar suit have been launched this year by the plaintiffs Carlo Licata, Adam Pezen and Nimesh Patel.Developed by, a company Facebook acquired, the tagging system uses facial recognition technology to recognize people in photos posted by users.Licata's complaint, for instance, alleges the company was “calculatedly elusive” in introducing the system to its users, and did not offer a release from users authorizing the collection of their “faceprints,” or a readily available policy describing how Facebook will retain or potentially destroy users' biometric data.Plaintiffs have asked the judge to create a class of users, which could number in the millions, and award damages of $5,000 per violation.