Miami-based facial recognition startup Kairos has confirmed its acquisition of emotion analytics startup IMRSV for $2.7m, saying the deal will lead to digital experiences that are more human in-nature.As a result of the acquisition, Kairos is now offering a new set of facial biometrics tools that developers can use to add face recognition and/or emotion analysis capabilities to their applications. IMRSV specializes in technology capable of recognizing facial expressions and measuring facial emotions using a standard webcam.Ownership of New York-based IMRSV, the developer of the Cara emotion analytics platform, will allow Kairos to provide an enterprise-level facial biometrics platform that can be easily integrated with third-party applications.Kairos has now released a set of facial biometrics tools that developers can use to integrate the Kairos platform with their applications, reports ProgrammableWeb:Face Recognition API – Incorporate face recognition, the ability to recognize unique faces in images, into third-party applications. Crowd Analytics SDK – Using this SDK, developers can build applications that feature crowd analytics.IMRSV (formerly CaraCV) – This is a camera-enabled software solution developed by IMRSV that is able to gather continuous audience analytics, bringing online measurement to offline engagements.Brian Brackeen, Kairos Founder and CEO, told ProgrammableWeb that the deal means developers can use Kairos APIs and SDKs to build innovative applications that feature face recognition and emotion analytics.”The thing I enjoy most about working at Kairos is seeing all the incredible things that people create with our technology. If you put me in a room for a hundred years I couldn't have come up with some of the applications for the technology that we're already seeing early access developers doing. It's very inspiring for our team and in the near future these innovations will inspire our broader developer community,” said Brackeen.