A federal judge in Illinois has dismissed a lawsuit that had been filed against Facebook for its use of facial recognition data in the form of “faceprints” for its tagging applications.The company doesn't have enough connections with the state so cannot be sued in Illinois for allegedly creating a “faceprint” database, ruled US District Court Judge Jorge Alonso.”Because plaintiff does not allege that Facebook targets its alleged biometric collection activities at Illinois residents, the fact that its site is accessible to Illinois residents does not confer specific jurisdiction over Facebook,” Alonso wrote in a ruling issued on Thursday.Frederick William Gullen had alleged that Facebook had violated the state's Biometric Information Privacy Act.In the document, Gullen said he pursued “this action for damages and other legal and equitable remedies resulting from the illegal actions of Facebook in collecting, storing and using Plaintiff's and other similarly situated individuals' biometric identifiers ߪ without informed written consent in violation of the BIPA”.Alonso said in a six-page opinion that Facebook didn't take any actions in Illinois that would allow Gullen to bring his case in that state.”Facebook uses the tag suggestions and facial recognition software on all uploaded photos, not just those uploaded in or by residents of Illinois,” Alonso wrote. “Plaintiff does not, and could not plausibly, allege that Facebook knew an Illinois resident would upload a photo of him and tag his name to it, thereby (allegedly) giving Facebook access to plaintiff's biometric information.”