German biometrics firm Jenetric plans to launch Livetouch Quattro Mobile, a handheld scanner, which also allows the scanning of documents and taking an electronic signature,In a statement, the firm said the small size and weight of the device is made possible by optical TFT technology.It added that the battery-powered device communicates wirelessly with any tablet or laptop and is thus ideal for the collection of identity data in any outdoor application. Possible fields of use include mobile border control, the detection of refugees or the identification at major events.Late last month, Jenetric revealed that its technology will be used at a EU-led "smart borders" project.The company's fingerprint scanner LIVETOUCH quattro has been used in a pilot project at the Frankfurt Main airport for several months, noted the firm.For the integration into the border control system, Jenetric cooperated with the GermanFederal Police and the IT security company secunet Security Networks.In addition, the study is being developed in collaboration with the Federal Office for Information Security and the Federal Criminal Police Office.