JENETRIC is introducing a permanent antimicrobial coating for the surfaces of its fingerprint scanners, which effectively prevents the transmission of microorganisms and makes a valuable contribution to infection prevention.JENETRIC relies on a well-known and proven biocidal agent in the fight against microorganisms: copper. Surfaces can be permanently covered with copper as an antimicrobial coating. The coating is transparent, chemically resistant and abrasion-proof. The antimicrobial component used is copper II oxide (or cupric oxide), which is officially listed as a biocidal active substance in the European Biocide Directive 98/8/EC and whose bactericidal and virucidal effects have been proven in numerous publications.”With the antimicrobial coating of our fingerprint scanners, we have succeeded in offering permanent infection protection that goes beyond regular disinfection,” says Roberto Wolfer, CEO of JENETRIC. “The permanent antimicrobial coating is much more efficient as it does not require supplies or downtime of the scanner during disinfection. It is particularly important to us that in addition to efficient infection protection, the coating does not affect the fingerprint quality in any way.”The coating is applied to the entire surface of the fingerprint scanner using a special vaporization process. Its long-term durability has been proven with extensive abrasion and washability tests.The antimicrobial coating is available as of now for all LIVETOUCH fingerprint scanners. Additional information is available in our white paper.