Joanne Ogden, Global Sales Manager for ITW Security Division has been appointed to a new-look board of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA), as the global trade body marks its 25th anniversary in 2018.The move comes as the IHMA sees increased integration of holography alongside other authentication and track and trace technologies to deliver overt and covert protection over the next 12 months.ITW Security Division has been an active member of IHMA since it was founded in 1993, with its Cranbury facility holding membership since the group's inception. In 2006, the Montpellier facility also joined IHMA providing representation in North America and Europe. Joanne will serve as IHMA's EU and EFTA board representative for the next 2 years.The new board will continue to underpin the IHMA's work to advance the development of holograms and holographic technology as global threats continue to push demand for authentication and brand protection devices such as holograms."I am delighted to join the IHMA and represent the EU and EFTA regions on the board. ITW Security Division has considerable experience in the design and manufacture of holograms which play a key role in helping government's and organisations protect their documents and goods from counterfeit," said Joanne Odgen."I look forward to bringing this knowledge to the IHMA and promoting holography's global role in helping organisations achieve their commercial, aesthetic and authentication objectives."Manoj Kochar, chair of the IHMA, said: "I look forward to working with Joanne in this, the 25th year of the IHMA, helping our industry secure growth and innovate, as well as ensuring all involved in holography come together as one to secure the opportunities available for growth."