ITW Security Division has noted that its Imaprotek and Fasprotek technology enables vibrant polychromatic uv-a & uv-c images to be viewed even under passport laminates.Imaprotek from ITW Security Division is a polychromatic printed UV ink image, derived from a photograph, printed using proprietary Fasver technology. It is completely invisible under daylight yet vibrantly visible when exposed to UV light in either the UV-A or UV-C spectrum.The ability to view under both UV frequencies enables security to be greatly improved within Passports, Visa's and other secure documentation as it is now possible to print two distinctive images in the same place for anti-counterfeit protection, and which will only show when the corresponding UV light is used. In addition ITW Security Division's Fasprotek laminates do not block UV-C light, ensuring the printed Imaprotek image can be clearly seen and making duplication nearly impossible.The capability of Fasprotek laminates to allow UV-C inks to be viewed under UV light also means that any UV-C features already integrated within the security paper of the Passport, Visa Paper or Birth Certificate can also be clearly viewed, maximising the value from the existing security print features, even after a Fasprotek laminate is applied above.Commenting on the Imaprotek UV print feature Bob Carey, ITW Security Division's Business Unit Manager said "UV prints and inks are an integral part of today's security documents with the presence of UV designs helping international law enforcement and border authorities in establishing their authenticity.""In many cases protective laminates obscure UV-C inks thereby negating the value of these security features on variable data pages. However by using our proprietary Fasver technologies we have been able to combine the UV security of Imaprotek and protection of Fasprotek to provide an integrated security solution that ensures UV-C is clearly and vibrantly visible across the security document."