itsme has completed its successful acquisition of NextAuth amid a new password-less product launch.

With 7 million established users of the itsme identity app, trusted by over 800 organisations, the company is now merging its services and acquiring multi-factor authentication capabilities.

The itsmeĀ app is widely used in the finance industry and other strictly regulated sectors because it complies with the highest possible regulations on security, both nationally in Belgium and at a European level.

Transferring NextAuth’s multi-factor authentication, the app will be bolstered to deliver an even stronger end-to-end user identity verification journey, which adds a major technological component.

NextAuth’s technology is cutting-edge which includes cast-iron and highly advanced cryptography.

This acquisition marks also a new product offering, extending services to partners and customers, particularly in banking, looking for authentication solutions that can be embedded into their own applications. These include biometric and password-less mobile multi-factor authentication (MFA) systems integrated into banking applications.