Biometrics firm Iris ID has announced its technology has been included in Ultra Electronics' tactical information system for military applications.The Combat Apps Tactical System (CATS) allows secure communication between headquarters and frontline troops using a lightweight, tablet-based device.The CATS tablets provide secure, encrypted communication including voice, situational awareness, high bandwidth video and chat.The company said the Iris ID R-100 camera and IrisAccelerator enables front-line operatives using CATS to capture biometric information for authenticating troop identity in real time using intelligence databases held securely and remotely at the mission headquarters. Iris recognition can also be used to verify troop identities before boarding ships, airplanes or other types of military transportation.Mohammed Murad, vice president, global business development and sales for Iris ID, said his company's iris recognition technology is ideal for military use – where reliable performance is critical.Murad stated; “The Iris ID technology has been proven effective worldwide in remote locations and during extreme weather conditions for national ID and other programs. The R-100 will add valuable capability to Ultra's CATS battlefield information systems.”CATS is intended to allow frontline troops to focus on their mission and react faster and more efficiently than the enemy. Communications becomes an enabler, not a limitation on operations and troop safety now is enhanced with the Iris ID identity authentication technology.