Innovatrics has announced that it has maintained its leaderboard position in the most recent NIST FRVT 1:1 results, ranking 9th overall among 115 international algorithm providers. The achievement comes on the heels of having been ranked the fastest algorithm among more than 200 submissions for FRVT 1:N Identification.”This recognition, which puts Innovatrics ahead of every major ABIS provider and established facial recognition providers, is of great importance as it highlights the great value proposition of our products to system integrators and policymakers,” said Matus Kapusta, Delivery & Solutions Director at Innovatrics. “As face recognition is increasingly being implemented in stand-alone security applications or existing biometric identity solutions, our R & D team has risen above and beyond the challenge of developing the most reliable and accurate face recognition algorithm that meets and exceeds the ever-changing needs of the market.” The visa and mugshot categories relate to document verification, border control, and constrained environments, which are all efficiently performed by Innovatrics' ABIS and digital onboarding platform, while the wild category is connected to identification using cameras and less constrained environments seamlessly carried out by the company's plug and play face recognition solution, SmartFace.With enhanced face template extraction and a more robust neural network architecture, Innovatrics' face recognition algorithm in a 1:1 scenario also enables better face alignment in wild data cases. It is also equipped to extensively evaluate various scenarios and can precisely detect wide angles of rolled faces.Regarded as the gold standard for the accuracy, speed, storage, and memory consumption, and resilience of facial recognition software, the most recent NIST FRVT 1:1 results confirm Innovatrics' track record in consistently providing the most advanced face recognition technology solutions in the global market.