Iflexion, a provider of software development services, has announced the release of their industry research titled The State of Facial Recognition Software in 2019 .This research summarizes recent developments in the technologies, investments, and legislation within the domain of facial recognition, as well as its specific applications in healthcare, retail, and travel and hospitality markets.This report provides a market outlook for facial recognition software, potential legislative bottlenecks, and the types of investment and research initiatives unfolding within the industry. The research highlights some of the privacy concerns inevitably associated with facial recognition and other biometric technologies. The findings gathered by Iflexion also highlight novel innovations in the facial recognition space.Facial recognition is going beyond the smartphone, and specific industry-focused examples in this report point out to this trend:Retail businesses are investing in facial recognition to fight shoplifting and other types of in-store crime, as well as to improve store traffic analysis.Healthcare is the hotbed of innovation, which it proves once again with its applications of facial recognition to diagnose diseases, improve hospital operations, and streamline clinical trials.Travel and hospitality businesses are aiming to improve the quality of customer experience and personalization through better customer identification with facial recognition.The report provides a breakdown of use cases in these three industries. The report also puts forth some arguments suggesting that facial recognition software will continue to be a rapidly developing market, with social stigma and privacy advocacy not being able to slow down its growth and progress.