Identity Strategy Partners (IdSP) has been awarded a Phase 1 U.S. Army Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) project to enable the development of a next-generation secure and contactless biometric physical access control solutions known collectively as the Pandemic Entry & Automated Control Environment (PEACE).

The PEACE project aims to create a biometrically-enabled access control solution that leverages existing U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) data to achieve an automated, secure, accelerated entry environment for physical access while incorporating solutions to the health issues highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Phase 1 will see the creation of an enterprise-grade end-to-end face recognition-based solution. Subsequent phases are anticipated to lead to production of a commercially-viable product customized to U.S. Army requirements.

“We are excited to help the U.S. Army move beyond reliance on physical Common Access Cards, enabling its personnel to gain access to authorized spaces in a hygienic, secure and rapid way. We will achieve this by integrating innovative access control processes and best-of-breed biometric technologies with existing DOD infrastructure.” –┬áJanice Kephart, CEO, Identity Strategy Partners

PEACE will address different physical access scenarios. It aims to eliminate the need for personnel to use the Common Access Card (“CAC card”), the standard identification card for both uniformed and civilian DOD personnel, for routine access tasks. The current card-based system is robust yet slow, leading to long lines, presents hygiene risks to supervising officers and personnel entering buildings, yet has scope to incorporate next-generation technology and security. Through this SBIR, Team IdSP will help speed and simplify access, and reduce risk of pandemic exposure, to the potential benefit of all DOD personnel.