iDenfy, the Baltic States based identity verification solution provider, announces a partnership with Smart Engines. As per the partnership, the science-based company Smart Engines helps iDenfy with AI-driven ID documents recognition and document authentication technologies to make the identification process quick and secure.iDenfy verifies the users of over 200 companies. Identity verification service is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, which automatically recognizes facial biometrics and verifies ID photos. The technology covers over 1300 document types across 200 countries.Smart Engines works at the leading edge of science. They develop recognition systems that provide the highest speed, precision, efficiency, and security for data extraction from photos, scans, or live video. Smart-ID Engine enables to extract data from more than 1500 ID cards, passports, driver's licenses, and other documents of 210 territories worldwide with support for 100 languages. The software works in all the natural conditions – in excessive lighting or in the twilight. The scanning ID document takes a fraction of a second to complete. ID card processing time is between 130 to 150 milliseconds per single frame.With this partnership, iDenfy will improve the document scanning service. Using Smart Engines' latest identity document's security features to determine whether the ID document is valid. The process is known as computational document forensics. Smart Engines don't transfer any document images containing sensitive and personal data to any third-party servers. Their technology doesn't use anу cloud or internet-based servers for the recognition process.Being a responsible scientific company, Smart Engines has concern for the environment. It is the AI-company to join the United Nations Global Compact Initiative. Their GreenOCR technology is a framework with 8- and 4-bit deep neural network inference pipelines that make document recognition fast and environmentally friendly to minimize the energy consumption of processors.Vladimir Arlazarov, the Smart Engines' founder and CEO, says, “iDenfy is a strong player on EU market with a great expertise in user verification. Our partnership with iDenfy shows that our document recognition solution makes the user experience more comfortable, technological and modern. At the same time, a high level of security in accordance with international standards for personal data protection is ensured.” Domantas Ciulde, the CEO of iDenfy, says, “Smart Engines' years of research and development in document recognition and Green AI will help us improve our ID verification service. With their comprehensive document authentication technology, we will be able to verify documents more quickly and confidently without causing any significant harm to the environment.” He further says, “In partnership with Smart Engines, we won't need to compromise on the speed, accuracy, and data privacy when it comes to ID verification.”