Exhibitors at Identity Week America, IDEMIA I&S and identity proofing company, NextgenID, have struck up a new partnership to fill in the gaps in each others’ identity portfolios.

IDEMIA is a world leader in future-proof identity technologies and recently acclaimed for proving a low presence of bias in its solutions.

IDEMIA’s portfolio unlocks the digital world with safe, secure technologies spanning biometrics, cryptography, systems, analytics and smart devices. In 2021, their collaboration commenced when NextgenID won IDEMIA’s IDIQ award for design-build services of identity kiosks.

The partnership also leverages NextgenID’s software as a market leader in high assurance identity proofing and enrolment services for automated, proctored, and remote identity.

IDEMIA is integrating software and services provided by NextgenID which will boost its formidable position in the industry and advance its identity proofing services for government agencies.

Confirming the plans, Mohab Murrar, CEO of NextgenID said: “Working with a partner like IDEMIA allows us to bring forward advanced technologies and concepts, like SRIP to enhance Identity services and solutions for government agencies and commercial businesses. Our intellectual property and expertise in high assurance identity environments is a primary need for IDEMIA’s government clients”.

“This partnership enables us to deploy leading-edge solutions and capability sets into our offerings and allows us to focus on our clients and delivery more efficiently and cost-effectively” commented Josh Hyde, Senior Vice President, Business Development at IDEMIA I&S.

The two companies share a common use case, serving government and federal agencies. NextgenID were appointed in 2020 to deliver a frictionless biometric identity-as-a-service procurement model with payment capabilities for the ID*Capture Kiosk and SRIP.