Build38 assists government and private sector partners in protecting users’ data and sovereign digital identity in various mobile applications and wallets. This strength of enabling the whole industry to be a master of their own data is unlocking commercial opportunities and changing the way services are delivered to consumers.

With easy application, Build38 integrates mobile application solution technology with artificial intelligence and app shielding technology to protect data integrity in new mobile applications and allow ownership to be returned to the user.

The software solutions specialises in mobile security as more applications are enabling us to transact and present digital credentials through our phones.

In 60 seconds, CEO of Build38, Christian Schlaeger outlined Build38’s solution for in-app protection.

  • What aspect of mobile app security led you to start your company?
  • You protect data for companies – how important is this currently within the private ecosystem and government?
  • What trends are emerging regarding data privacy and giving users back the control over their data sharing?