Non-standard applications used by employees and public users without integrated digital security are a passkey for bad actors, giving rise to attacks recently seen like the MGM breach. FOX – one of the largest media corporations in the U.S. – and Cerby, a promising IAM start-up, showcased what a collaboration looks like between today’s digital and security conscious worlds.
Cerby’s solutions have helped to install modernised security for employees using FOX applications. With society growing to expect identity standards from juggernaut social platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, even on Web 3.0, organisations are equipping identity standards like SSO, SCIM and APIs to achieve what’s more than compliance for users – trust. A presentation delivered by FOX and Cerby at Authenticate 2023 demonstrated how FOX conquered the nonstandard application rebellion leveraging FIDO2.
And while many businesses accept the risk with their standard architecture, the demand and tide of markets is drivingĀ  more manageable applications built on regulated identity. Unmanageable applications are everywhere: in the cloud, on-premises, and OT devices. The partnership enabled FOX to extend their IdPs lifecycle management and FIDO2 capabilities to any application to provision password-less. The distinct qualities of FIDO or password-less authentication are that secure and faster login experiences can be achieved across websites and apps on-device (never on a server), using biometric or PIN, and multi-device possession-based credentials.
Matthew Chiod, Chief Trust Officer, at Cerby spoke about the FOX blueprint, saying “Fox Corporation didn’t just address the challenge of nonstandard apps; they set the gold standard. They’ve showcased how to seamlessly weave FIDO2 capabilities into any application, setting a blueprint for robust digital security”.

“The unchecked cyber risk of non-federated applications is a digital ticking time bomb”, he continued, while explaining how FOX’s journey from fragmented identity landscapes to being a beacon of risk-based authentication is “transformative”.