Advertising an open vacancy for a mid-senior level developer, the Government Digital Service says successful candidates will join a team helping to deliver the brilliant digital public services that empower people in the UK and drive the government’s core digital transformation.

The Government Digital Service maintains 340 common GOV.UK platforms, tools and digital systems that facilitate access to a range of government services and works across departments to make it simpler for people to interact with government. GOV.UK is visited by more than 1.4 billion people each year.

In a blog post published on GOV.UK, Amanda Dahl, Deputy Director of Digital Service Platforms, at GDS writes that her team focuses on serving public users’ needs by providing “cost-effective, time saving digital solutions”, namely through the unified citizen verification portal called One Login.

Over the last 12 months, 163 new digital services have incorporated payments using GOV.UK Pay, which also launched a new function to allow local residents to save their card payments details securely for future payments. The government’s payment system is connected with Apple Pay and Google Pay but will soon develop more options for users to use their own preferred payment method with open banking and mobile wallet payment types for local authority services.

While advancing GDS products that underpins its digital services, particularly for payments, GDS harnesses modern digital identity technologies to protect users of public services.

The 13th version of the GOV.UK Prototype Kit was designed to develop and make changes to prototypes.