Auth0, a provider of Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS), today announced that it has deployed its identity management platform for hotel rating and travel booking portal, HolidayCheck. In concrete terms, this enables users to simply, securely, and conveniently authenticate themselves via the portal's website or mobile app to book a holiday and submit ratings. In total, HolidayCheck has more than 1 million hotels, 9.4 million hotel ratings, and over 10 million photos and videos. As the second-largest online travel agency in the German-speaking market, HolidayCheck deals with numerous users every day whose data must be managed securely and smoothly. This is particularly true during the holiday season, when users of the portal have to identify themselves to quickly book last-minute offers. HolidayCheck wants to strengthen trust and loyalty in the brand by accelerating the entire identity management process to offer its customers an Urlauber*-friendly service."Auth0's authentication solution allows us to quickly and easily authenticate millions of users each month across multiple platforms, so they can book their holiday with us without a long time delay and give feedback smoothly," says Björn Zapadlo, director of technology at HolidayCheck. "It's great to work with like-minded individuals who are not only seeing value from your product, but also share your values as a company. A shared focus on trust makes our partnership with HolidayCheck that much better, and we look forward to helping them become the most holidaymaker-friendly company in the world," said Steven Rees-Pullman, GM of EMEA at Auth0.The Auth0 solution has enabled HolidayCheck to handle more than 21 million authentication transactions in the last 30 days. With Auth0, Zapadlo and his team are improving their ability to personalise the online experience and bookings for many different types of buyers. More details on HolidayCheck's implementation of Auth0 can be found here.