HID Global has announced it has added the HID Credential ManagementService to its growing offering of cloud-based identity solutions.The service simplifies the issuance and management of trusted Public KeyInfrastructure (PKI) certificate-based credentials. The PKI credentialscan be used by a broader range of organizations for convenient andsecure multifactor authentication and converged physical access tofacilities, as well as digital signing and encryption of emails anddocuments.The HID Credential Management Service includes everything needed toissue and manage the lifecycle of digital identity and high-assurancecredentials using a cloud delivery model. It removes PKI complexity andenables a wider set of authentication use cases than nearly anyalternative in the Identity and Access Management (IAM) market. Mostoperating systems and browsers automatically recognize thesecertificates, ensuring the digital identity issued by the HID CredentialManagement Service can be used as a foundation for achieving zero trustsecurity. Endpoint authenticator options include smart cards and USBtokens, mobile app authenticators and converged badges for accessingfacilities and IT systems."An exponentially growing threat surface is placing many of anorganization's global users – employees and non-traditional users -directly in the crosshairs of a potential attack," said Brad Jarvis,Vice President & Managing Director of Identity & Access ManagementSolutions (IAMS) with HID Global. "Regulatory compliance is alsodriving greater need for high-assurance credentials, butcertificate-based multi-factor authentication solutions have beendifficult for smaller organizations to implement, or not flexible andcomprehensive enough for larger ones with broader, more holistic needs.Our cloud service speeds and simplifies deployment with the broadestpossible options for local and state governments, financial institutionsand enterprises."Many IAM solutions have not covered on-premise applications as well asthe cloud and virtual private networks (VPNs), nor have they addressedboth physical and logical access. Their all-or-nothing approach tohigh-assurance requirements makes compliance hard to achieve. They alsohave difficulty supporting zero-trust security models for verifyingidentities of all users and devices accessing resources from inside andoutside physical and logical perimeters. HID Global's service solvesthese problems with the following capabilities:End-to-end solution for both on-premise and cloud protection – Spansall requirements for deploying and managing trusted PKI, and for usingcertificate-based credentials for authenticating users to Windows andActive Directory as well as cloud applications.Broad authenticator options – Mix-and-match choices include smartcards and USB keys featuring embedded secure elements, mobile appauthenticators stored on a smartphone, FIPS 140-certified smart cards,and smart cards for converged physical and IT access.Flexibility: Integration with open standard protocols ensures theservice will support evolving security needs and complex, hybridheterogeneous systems across many locations, functions andarchitectures. Subscription licenses are easily added to support up toone million users.Easy integration and deployment: Works directly with an organization'sActive Directory Federation Services (ADFS) and uses a hostedmulti-tenant infrastructure for fast deployment and simplified useron-boarding without expensive up-front investments.The HID Credential Management Service joins HID Global's recentlyannounced cloud-based HIDAuthentication Service for managing and using identities. Inaddition to its expanding suite of cloud identity platform solutions,HID Global also offers an award-winning family of on-premise IAMsolutions.