A sheriff's office in Henry County has become the first in Georgia to implement a biometric Inmate Recognition and Identification System for all inmate intake and release processing at the county jail.This National Sheriffs' Association endorsed system uses the iris to enable jail staff to positively identify a previously enrolled individual in seconds, regardless of when and where he or she was originally arrested and enrolled in the system's national repository, as reported by the South Metro Neighbor.Henry County Sheriff Keith McBrayer told the newspaper he believes in the use of reliable technology to insure accuracy, safety and expediency.McBrayer previously implemented inkless electronic fingerprinting for inmate processing and for public background checks.”Accurate and timely identification of offenders is a fundamental and critical responsibility of every sheriff,” McBrayer said in a statement. “This innovative iris scanning technology has been seamlessly integrated into our jail management system and is already paying dividends in quick and error-free data entry for our staff processing repeat offenders into our facility.””The technology can tell the difference between twins or even an individual's right and left eye,” McBrayer said. “The technology is non-intrusive. Simply looking into the camera captures an image of the iris.”Biometric Intelligence & Identification Technologies of Plymouth, Massachusetts developed the technology.