By Elise Vernet, Mobile IoT & Consumer Electronics Manager, GemaltoFor anyone who has ever shopped online, it's likely to be a familiar tale. No matter how smooth and swift the transaction is on our mobile or laptop, attempts to physically deliver the goods can prove painful. For customers and eCommerce merchants alike, the so-called “final mile” is still the missing link in the digital experience. Could biometrics provide the answer?Consumers' expectations are higher than everIn today's connected world, consumers want and expect more from brands when it comes to their online experiences. In fact, recent research commissioned by Gemalto demonstrates that we are even more reliant on 24/7 connectivity than ever before; having access to coverage anytime and anywhere has emerged as a baseline expectation. At the same time, there is a strong desire for services and solutions to be tailored to individual needs, and that allow for a simple, seamless experience in a connected world. In other words, a “one size fits all” approach is no longer an option for the 21st century consumer.Looking specifically at the eCommerce experience, a recent European consumer research report1 found that online shoppers are not very tolerant of bad delivery experiences. 39 per cent will never shop with an online merchant again following a negative delivery experience, while 60 per cent will choose one online merchant over another if the delivery options are more convenient.What's clear is that there is a need for businesses to develop solutions which can not only deliver reliably, but also allow for consumers to tailor and customise their experience.The rise of 'silent authentication'The silent authentication system is based on specific tools designed to deliver convenient and robust risk-based security for online transactions.It uses a range of smart techniques to automatically assess if a customer is who they claim to be. These include assessing which shops the customer regularly visits, the way they walk, their gait, or even how they use their smartphone or tablet. With the latest machine learning systems, this smart solution is able to build a rich, multi-dimensional profile of each individual customer. Using this information, it is able to accurately analyse, in real-time, the credibility of each transaction. Low risk payments can therefore be processed without the need for time-consuming additional authentication procedures. However, if the system spots something out of the ordinary, extra measures can be implemented to prevent the possibility of fraud.Making seamless deliveries a reality Silent authentication systems can intuitively recognize the right recipient without any time-consuming and inconvenient authentication processes. This means a delivery can be planned precisely, according to where we are at the very moment the goods need to be sent.When an online retailer is ready to despatch goods, the system selects the most appropriate means of delivery. If the consumer is enrolled with the solution – and has downloaded the relevant corresponding app – it will be able to use geo-location technology within their smartphone to identify precisely where the customer is at any given moment. A message is then sent to the buyer, proposing a time and place to hand over the parcel. If the customer confirms it is convenient, the parcel is sent on its way.And that's when things get even smarter. By using intelligent authentication techniques, it's possible to immediately recognize if the package has reached the rightful recipient, again via their smartphone. If at any point in the process there is cause for concern, additional authentication techniques like fingerprint, OneTime Password, and PIN number, can be employed – such as a fingerprint scan – preventing the package from falling into the wrong hands.The benefits to the consumer are huge: no more 'sorry we missed you' cards, no more parcels tossed carelessly over the garden fence, or even into a rubbish bin on the day it is being collected by a refuse truck. Instead, it's a solution that is tailored precisely to the modern consumer's need for services thet match their individual preferences and lifestyle. It also helps out online retailers by providing a better customer experience, which in turn inspires loyalty to the brand, as well as saving on the costs of having to attempt delivery of parcels multiple times, or even replacing the contents entirely.Silent Authentication has the potential to make the lives of consumers and businesses more convenient. And this is just one application. It's the first step towards a truly zero interface experience in which our fingerprint, voice, face and behaviour contributes to a biometric matrix of authentication which makes for a completely seamless and highly secure experience. And not just in eCommerce, but in other areas of our lives – from taking our cash at an ATM, to accessing our office and even driving our cars.Visit Gemalto's page for more information on Silent Authentication.Sources: MetaPack '2017 State of eCommerce Delivery' Consumer Research Report