Google has launched digital drivers licences in the Google Wallet – stepping in to the reusable digital ID space.

Sarah Clark, Senior Vice President of Digital identity at Mastercard, took to LinkedIn congratulating Google for achieving this key milestone which is the start of “scale and interoperability in digital use cases with government issued and other verifiable credentials”.

She also said the innovation will improve user experience and fraud outcomes in the financial services, four years after the Google wallet concept was shelved to focus on all digital payments streams within Google Pay.

The capabilities of the Google Wallet include storing digital credentials and providing support for holding contactless credentials including healthcare records and ID cards. The adoption of Google wallet has now swept Maryland and many states on mobile devices, with Arizona, Colorado and Georgia to follow in the next few months. All credentials added to the wallet requires verification of the user with fingerprint biometrics, PIN code or password.

Customer inclusion in digital payments and wallets still remains relatively low; Jenny Cheng, Vice President of the Google Wallet said acceleration of uptake only amounting to 40& of the U.S. population over 40.

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Smart Digital ID Wallets Presentation

With speaker: Michiel Van Der Veen,Director Innovation And Development,Netherlands Ministry of the Interior

Panel: Creating an Accessible and Frictionless Digital ID Wallet

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