A partnership between Israel's FST Biometrics and Brazilian residential and facility security firm Groupo Haganá will see the former's In Motion Identification (IMID) technology deployed to enhance the operating level of Haganá's security infrastructure.The agreement also involves an initial deployment to Haganá customers in São Paulo of FST's SIGAH Fix and SIGAH Mobile solutions, which are based on IMID tech.SIGAH Mobile is a smartphone application that identifies authorized users. Security personnel identify authorized users – and are alerted to unauthorized individuals seeking entry – on the guard's personal mobile device.FST IMID Access technology will also be deployed at pedestrian entry points, under the brand name of SIGAH Fixed. Residents and authorized visitors seeking access are identified by the non-invasive motion identification access solution.”FST's biometric identification solutions deliver vital tools to increase the level of security we provide to our customers, without slowing the speed of operations,” said Villi Braverman, Ombudsman of Groupo Haganá.”The implementation of FST Biometrics' newly-released IMID Mobile solution with Haganá Security demonstrates a key application of our secure access capabilities,” said Arie Melamed Yekel, CMO of FST Biometrics.Haganá plans to implement the FST Biometrics IMID technology in other facilities it serves throughout Brazil.Earlier this month, FST Biometrics appointed Yaron Zussman as a new CEO of its American operational wing, FST Biometrics America.