With spaces at Identity Week America’s start-up city filling quickly, now is the time to apply!Innovation is at the heart of Identity Week America – we provide a global stage connecting innovators with the world’s most influential companies, investors and media.We will be welcoming over 3,000 industry professionals to this year’s event from industries including banking, financial services, government, travel, e-commerce and healthcare, to name a few!Drive brand awareness and utilise our unique networking and funding opportunities by showcasing your start-up at Identity Week America 2023 for FREE!

Confirmed start-ups include:

Campaign Verify 

Campaign Verify is a non-partisan, nonprofit service for U.S. political campaigns, parties, and PACs to verify their identity. Identity verification with Campaign Verify ensures that U.S. political entities are not improperly spoofed when they use digital and telecom services to communicate with voters and supporters. Campaign Verify is an independent, trusted third party that interacts with digital service providers. Since its launch in 2021, Campaign Verify has vetted the identity of over 10,000 political entities including Federal, State and Local campaigns.


Cyberneid designs, creates and manages services and software/hardware solutions, mobile and desktop, for:

  • the electronic passport
  • the digital signature and certification of documents in compliance with the eIDAS regulation;- secure onboarding and strong authentication;
  • the management of virtual electronic identities on smartphones.
  • the use of the electronic identity card


eGator builds biometric products for identity verification and payments. Their proprietary recognition technology allows for partnerships and multiple use cases, including but not limited to security, social and financial inclusion. The sole objective of eGator is to curb identity theft and identity theft fraud in the EMEA regions, while enabling digital identity as a major asset that underpins the future of banking and finance.


Secfense provides a practical cybersecurity solution that simplifies the deployment and management of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), ensuring a secure environment for critical applications and data.

The User Access Security Broker (UASB) technology enables organizations to apply 2FA and MFA across their entire application infrastructure without the need for modifications or complex integrations. This reduces development time and minimizes the risk of human error, resulting in a faster and smoother implementation.

Secfense supports various authentication methods, such as TOTP, FIDO2 and U2F tokens, biometrics, and more, balancing security and user experience. The solution is designed to be flexible and scalable, adapting to the growth of your business, new applications, and an expanding user base.

Sekura Mobile Intelligence Ltd.

Sekura works directly with Mobile Network Operators in over 20 countries in six continents handling the subscriber data of millions of their customers securely, with full data compliance, providing an end user with a secure and swift onboard or login authorised by their SIM card preventing fraud and exposure to scams.


Trully creates solutions to minimize the risk and fraud in the organizations through the usage of machine learning, big data and collective intelligence.


Trustmatic is a fast-growing identity verification platform that helps businesses prevent advanced fraud attacks and onboard more users into their platforms with a high-level of accuracy. We offer an all-in-one streamlined verification process built on industry-leading biometric technologies and AI. Trustmatic enables users to verify their identity in seconds using just their ID and a selfie while maintaining a seamless user experience and KYC compliance.


TeachEvolve is all about identity. It is the movement and solution that allows everyone – parents, teachers, pupils, schools, school governing bodies, unions, Edtech suppliers, private sector, and the government – to contribute directly to the identity of a child. This is possible due to a unique timing opportunity where the technology is available – Self Sovereign Identity, verifiable credentials, and a need from all stakeholders to collaborate to change and provide personalized, tailored, and lifelong education to every child in the community