Finland's government has submitted to a draft proposal to parliament to amend the Identity Card Act, with fingerprints to now be required.The Ministry of the Interior said in a press release that a provision on fingerprinting supplementing the Regulation would be added to the act.The Minister of the Interior explained that, when used as a biometric identifier, the fingerprint is a "permanent, immutable and irrevocable part of an individual."In Finland, fingerprints are already taken from passport applicants and stored in the passport register. Similarly, the Identity Card Act would include a provision on the storage of fingerprints in the identity card register. In order to facilitate the use of services, fingerprints taken for the passport could be used to apply for an identity card and vice versa.The storage of fingerprints in the identity card register would not only protect the rights of the holder but also the rights of other persons to their personal data and their appropriate use: the storage of fingerprints in the register and the comparison of fingerprint data with the register aim to help prevent the misuse of identities.The Act is scheduled to enter into force on 2 August 2021, at the same time as the application of the EU Regulation begins.