Fingerprint Cards announced that the company has been awarded a design win* by yet another top-three global PC manufacturer. Customer integration is ongoing, and we expect the first volume shipments to this new PC customer at the end of 2021.Fingerprints currently works with two out of the world's top three PC makers, as well as with several other leading suppliers. This is in line with our objective to lead the global market for fingerprint sensor solutions in the PC area and in other key segments such as mobile devices and payments. In the years immediately ahead, we estimate that computers equipped with fingerprint sensors will become increasingly commonplace. To meet the rising demand, Fingerprints launched a new biometric solution for the PC market in August 2020. This new product is tailored for use across a growing number of different form factors and use cases, including notebooks, 2-in-1 convertibles, and PC accessories. In January 2021, Fingerprints announced the first major orders for its new solution from two top-tier manufacturers of Windows PCs.”I am very pleased with this additional design win in the PC segment. We are poised for continued growth in this segment, providing the perfect way to add convenient and secure authentication to PCs, thus doing away with the hassle of using insecure passwords and PINs,” comments Ted Hansson, Senior VP BL Mobile at Fingerprints.* Fingerprints' definition of Design Win (DW): The decision by a device vendor (OEM or ODM) to start development of one or several commercial product(s) incorporating Fingerprints' technology into such new product(s).